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On 13th November 2019, the University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KIPI establishing the Technical Innovation Support Centre in the University.Under this collaboration, the University benefits from the IP capacity-building interventions of KIPI and WIPO, which ultimately result in increased IP creation, protection, and commercialization in the University and the local community. In this regard, the University established a Technology Transfer office.

The TTO is responsible for commercializingUniversity-owned intellectual property through the core activities of attracting and assessing invention disclosures, patenting and other forms of intellectual property protection; licensing; spin-out company formation; material sales; and managing seed funds. The TTO also helps researchers sell their time as expert consultants.

The TTO is separate from the Research Office and typically supports University researchers in identifying and winning research funding; manages the contractual relationships with research funders; facilitates and oversees the transferring of skills, knowledge, and technologies; supports and helps staff and students to develop and commercialize their inventions; promotes research between the University and other commercial partners and also obtains recognition and increases University‚Äôs reputation for research and innovation potential.

Functions of the Technology Transfer Office:

The functions of the TTO are as follows:-

  • Implementation of the Intellectual Property (IP) policy,
  • Giving professional help on commercialization and intellectual property management
  • Identification and assessment of the University IP assets,
  • Guiding faculty/staff, students and associates of the University on the acquisition of IP protection for their inventions or works,
  • Advising on the decision to, and feasibility of, obtaining intellectual property protection for an invention or works and on which grounds such protection should be sought,
  • Advising on all matters of intellectual property administration,
  • Advising and providing support to all staff and associates of the University regarding the IP policy through continuous education and sensitization programs,
  • Liaise with Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) and other IP protection offices for technology transfer.
  • Management of the Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) details of the day-to-day activities are found in the MOU of 13th November 2019 between DeKUT and KIPI.

The Office is hosted under the Directorate of Research Innovation Management and Community linkages.