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The University has developed a focused research agenda that is multi-disciplinary and draws on the University’s schools and institutes expertise. The research focus areas are reviewed annually and are discussed in senate. The University research agenda for 2018/2019 financial year was set as follows;

Institute of Food Bio-resources Technology

Research focus areas:

  • Coffee Technology
  • Dairy Processing Technology
  • Fruit and vegetables technology
  • Food Safety Assurance

School of Business Management and Economics

Research focus areas;

  1. Accounting, Finance & Economics Department
    • Operational Risk Management and Governance
    • Financial Reporting for Complex Structures
    • Real estate Finance, and Corporate Performance
    • Value Chain Financing and Agriculture
    • Performance of Thrift Institutions
    • Corporate financial Strategy and Performance of Financial Institutions
    • Financial innovation and Financial Engineering in Emerging Financial Markets
    • Financial Economics and International Trade
    • Regulation of Financial Institutions and Markets Efficiency.
    • Macro-Economic Environment and Growth
  2. Business Administration Department
    • Human Capital and Institutional Development
    • Quality Management and Succession
    • Corporate Strategy and Corporate performance
    • Entrepreneurship and Emerging Economies
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Corporate Leadership and corporate Excellence
  3. Criminology and Security Management Department
    • Fraud Investigation and Fraud Effectiveness
    • Corporate Forensic Investigation Tools
    • Cyber Crime and its Investigation
    • Global and National Security management
    • Ethics and Crime Management
    • Cyber Intelligence and Information Warfare
    • Critical Infrastructure , Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  4. Procurement and Logistics Department
    • Procurement of Complex materials
    • Global Supply Chain Risks
    • Global Sourcing and Emerging Markets
    • Global Value creation Networks
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Procurement and Cross Industry Analysis
    • Sustainable procurement
    • Multi-cultural Negotiation and Supplier Management
    • Innovation and incentivization of Procurement
    • Supply Chain Integration, Clearing and Forwarding)

School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Research Focus Areas;

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • ICT for Development (ICT4D)
  • Empirical Software Engineering

School of Engineering

Research focus areas;

  1. Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • Renewable Energy – PV Solar Energy
    • Communication systems –Multiple Antenna Systems
    • Data Science – Environmental monitoring and agriculture
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Renewable energy – Wind Energy
    • Combustion
    • Composite Material – Wood Polymer
  3. Department of Mechatronic Engineering
    • 3D Printing – Recycled PET
    • Renewable Energy – Wind Energy
    • Robotics- Industrial Robots
    • Drones- Data collection
    • IoT-Wireless straining systems
  4. Department of Civil Engineering
    • Waste Water Treatment – Natural systems
    • Water Resources Management
    • Civil Engineering Materials
    • Ground/Slope stability – Reinforced Soil slopes

School of Science

Research Focus Areas;

Current research interest

  • Natural products for medicinal application
  • Greening of tanneries- Switch Africa  research in collaboration with COMESA/ LLPI- Improving of tanning efficiency  and less polluting
  • Footwear and leather goods technology adoption for SMEs in Kenya
  • Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases and terminal diseases
  • Modeling of fluid flow in vertical pipes
  1.  Actuarial Science

Applied statistics

  1. Applications to the field of financial engineering; food security and policy management, econometrics and business statistics.
  2. Application to the field of Renewable energy and Finance; modelling of extreme wind speeds, i.e. wind speeds exceeding 25 m/s which can result in turbine shutdown hence no power production.
  3. Extreme value theory applied to financial field and copula theory.
  4. Physical and Analytical Chemistry
    • Photo stability and Efficacy of sunscreens, skin lighteners in the local market
    • Green ways of photo stabilizing sunscreen in green skin lighteners
    • Green sorbents for heavy metal pollutants and persistent organic pollutants (PAHs).
      • Nanoparticle loading on cellulose/nanocellulose
      • Current water purification systems and general water quality
      • Develop green sustainable systems for water treatment and fluoride removal for both household and commercial (scalable)
    • Smart Materials.
      • Nanocrystaline cellulose from waste papers for conductive, foldable thin films and memory devices.
      • Composite films- Spintronic application (nanocellulose and graphene oxide)
      • Photoacoustic and diagnostic materials from loaded nanoparticles on cellulose actuation system.
      • Disposable kits for medical applications
  5. Organic Chemistry/Natural products
    • Phytochemistry and Scientific rationalization of common and new medicinal plants.
    • Synthesis of photostable sunscreen compounds.
    • Synthesis of cyclodextrins for nanoencapsulation for drug discovery
  6. Leather Technology
    • Greening of leather IndustriesGreen chemicals in leather production processes
  7. Mathematics and Physics
  • Development of a laser-based tool for efficient and cost effective manufacture of solar panels
  • Design, development and implementation of optoelectronic system for measurement of dry friction
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation of laser materials processes
  • Mathematical modeling: diseases, applied physics fluid flow and applied engineering

Institute of Geomatics, GIS and Remote Sensing

Research focus areas;

  • Land Information Management Systems and Land Administration
  • Climate Change :
  • Hydrology:
  • Land Use/Land Cover Change Analysis
  • Networks
  • Urbanization and Spatial Urban Patterns

Nursing Department

Research focus areas;

  • Establishment of Ethical Board
  • NCDs Epidemiology
  • Reproductive Health
  • Primodial Prevention

Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Research focus areas;

  • Management of endagered species
  • Human wildlife conflict
  • Product development
  • Product diversification
  • Cultural heritage tourism-memorial tourism
  • Niche tourism (coffee tourism)
  • Events managements
  • Hospitality management
  • Food safety
  • Destination development and management.
  • Tourism marketing.
  • Destination Branding.
  • Recréation and Outlook activities