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The University’s DeHUB was officially opened by the Cabinet Secretary for Information and Technology, Dr. Fred Matiang’I on 16th March, 2015.   DeHUB is a center for research excellence in the IT sector and its establishment had been proposed in the DeKUT ICT Strategic Plan. DeHUB will provide leadership in Information Technology and prepare the students in a better way for work in IT fields. It is a center for building the competence of young people by providing space for innovations development for different companies in the IT sector. This will be achieved through agreements with the different IT service companies and software developers.

DeHUB activities focus on solving societal problems of cyber security and data science management, offer training to software developers, develop software applications and spin out job creators. DeHUB is expected to manage its own sustainability through long term working agreement with IT companies, grants, endowments, and levies charged on training workshops and consultancies offered  by the center.