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The DeKUT farm has three coffee tree nurseries with a combined capacity работа мск of 210,000 seedlings annualy. Each nursery measures 12 meters by 70 meters. med advice The nurseries have been put into production of Batian and Ruiru 11 coffee tree varieties with certified seeds sourced from the Coffee Research Institute (formerly the Coffee Research Foundation).

The coffee tree nursery project was started in 2011 with one nursery. In 2014, two additional nurseries were constructed with funding provided by the European Union and the Coffee Research Institute. The funding from European Union amounted to Ksh. 2,980,000 with a project running for 15 months from November 2014.

The coffee tree seedlings produced by the nurseries are available for sale to cooperative coffee farmers and coffee estates.

For sale inquiries, please contact the Farm Manager:

Farm Manager
DeKUT Farm
Private Bag – 10143, Dedan Kimathi
Email: or
Mobile: +254 701 782 823