The Research, Innovation Management and Community Linkages (RIMCL) Directorate was established as per the University Statutes and is headed by the Director, Research, Innovation Management and Community Linkages. The directorate comprises of the following sections: Research/innovations, projects and linkages.

The idea of establishing the directorate was to, among others take overall responsibility for the direction, organization and administration of research programmes in the University; take lead in promoting and coordinating research, scientific publications, innovations, extension and technology transfer to the community and the industry; spearhead and oversee the establishment of linkages; maintain collaboration and linkages with both local and international institutions of higher learning for academic research and innovation programmes; coordinate workshops, seminars and conferences for outreach programmes on technology transfer; promote knowledge dissemination to meet the needs of the University and the community through publications and exhibitions; coordination of technology management and maintenance of intellectual property rights records.

In line with the directorate’s mandate, it acts as the University’s reference centre for research, innovation, community projects, linkages and partnerships. RIMCL coordinates and offers support to activities of University’s engagement with researchers, community, innovators, and industry for the provision of relevant training, community education and development. The directorate is tasked with resource mobilization, coordination of research activities by staff and students and their collaborators, Intellectual Property management, coordination of institutional collaborations and linkages, promotion of innovations, development and execution of technology transfer programmes and community outreach. The directorate contributes to the internationalization of training programmes by promoting collaborative research with other institutions which exposes our staff and students to research issues on a global platform. In the process the University contributes towards the country’s objectives as outlined in Vision 2030.

DeKUT Centres

  1. Centre for Biomass Energy Studies
  2. Centre for Development of Electronic Devices
  3. Centre for Excellence in Competence-Based Education Training (CCBET)
  4. Siemens Centre
  5. Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management (CIEM)
  6. Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  7. Centre for Industrial Productivity and Engineering (CIPE)
  8. Centre for Coffee Technology and Food Safety
  9. Startup Centre
  10. Centre for Geotechnical Engineering
  11. Centre for Data Research and Cyber Security
  12. Software Development Centre
  13. Centre for Economic Policy and Technology Development Studies
  14. Centre for Nano Materials and Nano Science Research
  15. Centre for Spatial Information Science and Systems
  16. Centre for Water Resources Management
  17. Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  18. Centre for Industrial Productivity and Engineering
  19. Centre for Nano Materials and Nano Science